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Traits Men Deal With and Women Wonder Why

Things Your Man Puts Up With For Some Reason


Relationships can be loving and supportive, but at times, they can be annoying. Does your girlfriend have irritating traits that make you want to run for the hills? You may be in denial and think your girlfriend is perfect. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with loving someone enough to overlook their faults. After all, if you didn't love her, you probably wouldn't put up with those aggravating characteristics. However, none of us are perfect and both sexes have those little habits that can get under your skin.

1) The Honey-Do 

One of the most annoying female traits is nagging. A girlfriend that nags constantly can drive a guy crazy. You know the type. She says things like, “I need you to take out the garbage. Are you going to take out the garbage? Huh? Huh? Did you hear me? Huh? Are you going to take out the garbage? Huh? Huh?” But, it’s not just the garbage she nags about. You hear this little script about everything. Then you get to the point where you wish she’d come down with laryngitis and you’re ready to cut your ears off. Even after you answer her and say, “Yes, Babe,” she still continues to say, “Did you hear me?” How can you not hear her? Everybody hears her all the time. This type of woman isn't just a nagging girlfriend – she’s just a nag.

2) The Phoneaholic

Advancements in technology are typically considered good. However, in the case of the cellphone, that’s one piece of technology that can make life miserable. Does your girlfriend text with lightning speed? Some women act like they are more in love with their cellphones than they are with their boyfriends. And if a cellphone gets broke, it’s the end of the world. It can be sheer torture for the man that gets called twenty times a day while he’s at work, and if his girlfriend isn't calling him, she’s texting him. It’s amazing how you can get paid for texting on your cellphone these days. It is astounding how a woman can be at work, but she’s texting her boyfriend every five minutes. Maybe someone should ask the workplace how they feel about paying their employees for texting their partners all day. It really is so hard to find good help anymore.

3) The Who, What, Where and When

What man doesn't love a good game of twenty questions? Does your girlfriend bombard you with questions as soon as you walk through the door? You’re probably familiar with the interrogation routine. “Where were you? What took you so long? What were you doing? Who were you with? Why didn't you call me?” She says it all in one breath and doesn't give you time to answer one question before hitting you with another. At the end of the interrogation, you are left feeling as though you committed the crime of the century. After the exhaustive question and answer session is over, she still doesn't believe you anyway.

4) What's her name?!?!?

Insecurity and jealousy can ruin even the best relationship. Is your girlfriend always accusing you of cheating? Does she insist that you are lying to her or hiding things from her.  Does your girlfriend check your text messages and rummage through your wallet? She acts like she is determined to find out what you are doing behind her back, even if you are doing nothing. This type of behavior can be very frustrating for a faithful man. Insecurity promotes doubt and fear, which can lead to jealousy. An insecure woman is often jealous of her boyfriend’s female friends and co-workers. The man may eventually get tired of his girlfriend’s false accusations and the relationship may end because of her insecurity.

5) Stuck Like Glue

Another trait that can make a man feel smothered is having a girlfriend that clings to him worse than any sticky tape or food wrap. This type of woman may make you believe in reincarnation if you didn't before, because you have to wonder if she was a leech in her previous life. This type of female could also be said to have puppy dog syndrome, since she follows her man everywhere and usually doesn't let him do anything without her. It’s important to remember that everyone needs their own space once in a while.

However, these traits aren't all bad. A little nagging can help prevent procrastination. Clinging can make for a cozy evening and jealousy can show how much you care. Let your girlfriend know that you appreciate your love and passion, but don’t be afraid to tell her when she’s going overboard. Honest communication and understanding can make the best of even the most annoying traits.         

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