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Three Weight Loss Tips For The Overeater

Do you eat way too much?


Overeating is not an uncommon problem. Most people overeat without realizing it. If you are an over-eater, these three tips are just for you.

1. Learn portion control

Most people are not taught about proper portions. This is something that everyone should be taught early in life. We think that as long as were slightly active we can eat anything we want. Overeating is a big problem in our society. It seems to be encouraged by family and friends constantly saying eat more. Its also encouraged by fast food restaurants offering us more food for just pennies. Its important to know how much you should really be eating. If you compare it to what you currently eat, youll be shocked at the difference. Dont beat yourself up over it though. Most people are completely unaware of how much should really be eaten.

2. Drink water before every meal

If you love to go back for seconds and thirds of every meal, it would be a good idea to drink a glass of water before you sit down and start eating. This will fill you up a bit and you probably wont want to eat as much. If you still find yourself wanting to eat more, drink another glass of water before you go for seconds.


3. Set small goals

Its important that you dont go cold turkey when you are attempting to eat less. Dont decide to cut out all cookies, sweets, pasta, and bread out in order to lose weight. Start with small goals like eating only one slice of bread each day instead of two. Try to drink one less soda or avoid candy for one day. If you set a huge goal in the beginning and arent able to stick to it, youll only get discouraged and end up quitting completely. Start with very small goals and be proud of yourself when you achieve them. These little accomplishments will inspire you to continue on.


Overeating doesnt mean that you have a self-control problem. Most of us are not taught about proper portions for eating. Most of our gathering revolve around food, which makes indulging easy. If you set small goals, you can achieve your weight loss goals. 

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