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10 Forgotten Classic but Uncommon Baby Names

10 Forgotten Classic but Uncommon Baby Names
	An eccentric and unique name may be desirable for some people, but without careful thought it can be a burden for a child. It has become somewhat du jour to follow in the footsteps of celebrities who give their babies names like Audio Science and Inspektor. This may work in the social circles of the famous, but for the average person these types of names are usually far less of a benefit. Likewise, giving a child a common name with an uncommon spelling will require him to be constantly correcting people and spelling out his name. So what is a parent to do if they want their baby's name to be special, but not so special it creates a burden? Check out the 10 baby names below that have been largely forgotten but still remain classic. 

1. Dinah
    The name Dinah has a decidedly maternal feel to it. It's not hard to imagine a strong, earthy, beautiful woman with this name. 

2. Annabelle
    Annabelle is almost a song in itself. It has a sweet sound and is entirely feminine. Annabelle also has the distinct advantage of having two very nice options to shorten the name: Anna or Belle. 

3. Annette
    Similar to Annabelle, the name Annette is very feminine. Annette has a crisp, fresh sound and conjures up a vision of a girl who is cute and spunky. 

4. Marilyn
    One can't help but envision the famous beauty Marilyn Monroe when they hear this name. Marilyn has a conservative yet sensual sound. It is a perfect balance of class and natural femininity. 

5. Faye
    The name Faye is simple and pretty. There are few one syllable names which are good enough to stand alone, but Faye is one of them. It would also make a lovely middle name. 

6. Mick
    Mick is another good, simple name and perfect for a little boy. It has a strong sound and isn't fussy in the least. For those who like the names Nick or Mike but find them too common, the name Mick is a good option. 

7. Leon
    Regal like the lion which is the source for this name, Leon sounds proud and confident but also refined. Any boy would probably be happy to possess this name. 

8. Bruce
    The name Bruce has an almost mighty quality about it. It is undoubtedly masculine and tough. 

9. Charles
    A true classic that never truly fades from popularity, the name Charles invokes a vision of a male who is traditional and strong. 

10. Vincent
    The name Vincent has a smoky, dark quality yet is still popular and a strong boy's name. Even the shortened version, Vince, has a powerful quality and sound. 

Hopefully, some of these unique names will capture your fancy when searching for the perfect name for your baby. At the very least, let these names inspire you in your search. 

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