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Three Weight Loss Tips For The Overeater

Do you eat way too much?


Overeating is not an uncommon problem. Most people overeat without realizing it. If you are an over-eater, these three tips are just for you.

1. Learn portion control

Most people are not taught about proper portions. This is something that everyone should be taught early in life. We think that as long as were slightly active we can eat anything we want. Overeating is a big problem in our society. It seems to be encouraged by family and friends constantly saying eat more. Its also encouraged by fast food restaurants offering us more food for just pennies. Its important to know how much you should really be eating. If you compare it to what you currently eat, youll be shocked at the difference. Dont beat yourself up over it though. Most people are completely unaware of how much should really be eaten.

2. Drink water before every meal

If you love to go back for seconds and thirds of every meal, it would be a good idea to drink a glass of water before you sit down and start eating. This will fill you up a bit and you probably wont want to eat as much. If you still find yourself wanting to eat more, drink another glass of water before you go for seconds.


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Harvesting Creativity, Life & Good Health

Make Your Own Seed Trays and Pots

DIY Seed Trays and Pots


Spring has sprung! Or just about. You can tell because gardeners are starting their seeds inside. Soon the soil will be warm enough for your little babies to be planted in their permanent location. But first, you need to get them to sprout out of their shells. Any gardener knows that seed trays and pots can add up in cost. This is especially true if you buy them new each year, or even every few years. However, you can make your own seed trays and pots by recycling supplies you already have on hand. This is a “green” way to start your garden and it’s easy on the budget. Here are some ideas for homemade seedling trays and pots.


Plastic Containers

Big and small plastic containers work for planting seeds. Add drainage holes by pricking a nail through the bottom a few times and you are ready to go. Small, individual-sized yogurt cups are ideal but larger containers, such as sour cream containers, also work. Fill the cups with moistened potting soil and plant your seeds to the desired depths. The only drawback is that you have to disturb the seedling before you replant it. Cover the top of the container with one hand, turn it upside down and tap the bottom to free the seedling. If you are careful, you won’t damage the plant or roots. Use plastic pots for plants that are sturdier or will remain inside longer so that they have a stronger root system and more leaves before they are moved.


Newspaper Containers

Newspaper makes great seedling pots because it quickly decomposes when you plant it in the soil. This means you don’t have to disrupt the roots when you transplant it. Only use black and white newspapers. Never use glossy or colored newsprint because it adds too many chemicals into the soil. You can make newspaper containers in several ways:

1.      Origami newspaper pots:

·         Cut a single, broadsheet (the big newspapers) in half so you only have one page in front of you.

·         Lay it on a flat surface like you are going to read it. Fold it in half from top to bottom, along the natural fold.

·         Fold it from left to right.

·         Repeat the left to right fold and make a sharp crease. Then unfold only the last fold. The crease is used as a guideline.

·         Position the newspaper so the folded edge is closest to your body.

·         Grasp the bottom right corner and fold it toward the middle of the paper. The crease mark serves as a gage.</