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Parenting: Is It Really That Difficult?

Are you scared of becoming a parent?


Parents sometimes make parenting more difficult than it has to be. Some people are more patient than others, and even the most patient parent may feel overwhelmed at times. But there are a few basic parenting principles that can make parenting easier for both parents and children.

Raising children can be a very eye-opening and rewarding experience. However, it does not have to be extremely stressful. All children will try and push beyond the parental boundaries at one point in their development. It is natural and expected as they grow and develop their independence.

Parents sometimes put off disciplining toddlers and preschoolers. They say things like, “She’s too young. I’ll start disciplining her when she gets older.” The problem with that type of logic is that if a child is allowed to behave however she wants for the first five or six years of her life, discipline at a later age is going to be more difficult. The unacceptable behavior may very well become a habit that is now part of her personality. 

Another mistake that parents make is waiting to discipline their first child until they have a second child. Once a new baby comes along, they find that they have less time, energy and patience to deal with unacceptable behavior in the older child. It will be very confusing and disheartening for the older child when he suddenly gets disciplined for behavior that previously had no repercussions.


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