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10 Forgotten Classic but Uncommon Baby Names

10 Forgotten Classic but Uncommon Baby Names
	An eccentric and unique name may be desirable for some people, but without careful thought it can be a burden for a child. It has become somewhat du jour to follow in the footsteps of celebrities who give their babies names like Audio Science and Inspektor. This may work in the social circles of the famous, but for the average person these types of names are usually far less of a benefit. Likewise, giving a child a common name with an uncommon spelling will require him to be constantly correcting people and spelling out his name. So what is a parent to do if they want their baby's name to be special, but not so special it creates a burden? Check out the 10 baby names below that have been largely forgotten but still remain classic. 

1. Dinah
    The name Dinah has a decidedly maternal feel to it. It's not hard to imagine a strong, earthy, beautiful woman with this name. 

2. Annabelle
    Annabelle is almost a song in itself. It has a sweet sound and is entirely feminine. Annabelle also has the distinct advantage of having two very nice options to shorten the name: Anna or Belle. 

3. Annette
    Similar to Annabelle, the name Annette is very feminine. Annette has a crisp, fresh sound and conjures up a vision of a girl who is cute and spunky. 

4. Marilyn
    One can't help but envision the famous beauty Marilyn Monroe when they hear this name. Marilyn has a conservative yet sensual sound. It is a perfect balance of class and natural femininity. 

5. Faye
    The name Faye is simple and pretty. There are few one syllable names which are good enough to stand alone, but Faye is one of them. It would also make a lovely middle name. 

6. Mick
    Mick is another good, simple name and perfect for a little boy. It has a strong sound and isn't fussy in the least. For those who like the names Nick or Mike but find them too common, the name Mick is a good option. 

7. Leon
    Regal like the lion which is the source for this name, Leon sounds proud and confident but also refined. Any boy would probably be happy to possess this name. 

8. Bruce
    The name Bruce has an almost mighty quality about it. It is undoubtedly masculine and tough. 

9. Charles
    A true classic that never truly fades from popularity, the name Charles invokes a vision of a male who is traditional and strong. 

10. Vincent
    The name Vincent has a smoky, dark quality yet is still popular and a strong boy's name. Even the shortened version, Vince, has a powerful quality and sound. 

Hopefully, some of these unique names will capture your fancy when searching for the perfect name for your baby. At the very least, let these names inspire you in your search. 

Here's how to plan and throw an awesome Pokemon birthday party for your kids and their little friends!

How to Throw a Pokemon Birthday Party For Your Child


Do you have a youngster who loves Pokemon? Does your child love watching the television series and playing the Pokemon card game? Maybe your youngster loves to dress up as popular characters or has a bedroom full of Pokemon stuffed animals. If your child is Pokemon-crazy, you might want to consider throwing a Pokemon-themed birthday party this year. Throwing a Pokemon party doesn't have to be stressful or overwhelming, nor does it have to be expensive. In fact, a Pokemon party can be a wonderful way to show your child how much you care about his or her interests and that you want the party to be memorable.



 Before the party, you'll want to send out Pokemon-themed invitations. This will let your child's friends and relatives know about the upcoming event. Make sure to mail the invitations at least two weeks in advance and ask for RSVP's. To create your own invitations, you'll need white poster board and colored markers. Cut the poster board into 4-inch circles. Use a red marker to color the bottom half of each circle red. You'll then want to use a black marker to draw a straight line in the center of each ball. This will divide the red and black halves and give your card the appearance of a Pokemon ball. You can write the party information directly on the back of each ball. When you're finished, hand-deliver the invitations or place them in over-sized envelopes to mail. Make sure you check with your post office before mailing the cards, as oddly shaped letters can sometimes require extra postage.



One of the most exciting parts of throwing a Pokemon party is the food. What foods do your child's favorite Pokemon like to eat? Grab several colorful bowls and fill them with matching foods. For example, get an orange bowl and fill it with orange chips or crackers. Label it with an orange Pokemon's name. You could mark is as "Charmander Food" or "Charizard Food." 


Another option would be to take a white party tray and paint the bottom half red. Use a black marker or black electrical tape to create a Pokemon ball divider line in the center of the tray. Place red foods in the bottom half of the tray and white foods in the top half. What kind of food could you use? Watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, white chocolate, or white candies.



No birthday celebration is complete without a cake and your child's Pokemon party is no exception. If you're not the cooking type, you can simply buy a regular sheet cake at your local bakery and purchase a few Pokemon figurines. Place them on the cake and you're good to go. If you prefer to make something yourself, you can bake a round cake and decorate it with white frosting. Use blackberries or chocolate chips to create a divider on the cake. You'll then slice up strawberries very thinly and place them on the bottom half of the cake to create your Pokemon ball cake.


Party Bags

Don't forget to give each child who attends the party a gift bag. You can use plain brown lunch bags to give each child their treats. Decorate the bags with Pokemon stickers and fill them with snacks, treats, and small toys. Want to make the gift bags really stand out? Consider giving each child a small Pokemon figure or even their own Pokemon card. If you're crafty, consider making each child a personalized Pokemon card with their own name and picture on it. They'll love the gift and will remember your child's party for years to come.

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